2021 Seminars/Programs/Events
(Updated 03-02-21)

January 8 to 10:  Cancelled - Bass and Saltwater Expo, Expo Center and Jim Graham Buildings, N.C. State Fairgrounds, Raleigh, N.C.

January 15 to 17:  Cancelled - Richmond Fishing Expo, VA State Fairgrounds, Doswell, VA.

February 26 to 28:  Cancelled - Central Carolina Boat and Fishing Expo, Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center, Greensboro, N.C.

March 4:  Speaker at a Zoom meeting of the Hillsboro (NC) Sportfishing Club.

May 4:  Speaker at the St. James Fishing Club.  Details to come.


 2021 Oak Island Fishing School, Oak Island, N.C.

The 2021 Oak Island Fishing School cannot be held in person.  Hopefully that will return in 2022.  We attempted to set it up as a live streaming event on a dedicated feed to prevent interruptions, but ran into difficulty . 

Beginning the week before Easter, Oak Island Fishing Schools will post short YouTube segments with tips on different types of fishing for six weeks (maybe more).  These will be free and those that watch them can register with us for "door prizes" that will be awarded after Memorial Day. 


 2021 Oak Island Kayak Fishing School, Oak Island, N.C.

With the recent changes in the N.C. COVID-19 protocols, we are planning to have the 2021 Oak Island Kayak Fishing School  outdoors and in person.  The location and date have not been confirmed yet, but will be announced here, on FaceBook and in the State Port Pilot newspaper when all is arranged.  Unfortunately, participation will be limited to be well within COVID-19 protocols.


* More events will be added as they are scheduled.

When you attend a seminar given by Captain Dilsaver, expect to learn a lot of When's, Where's, What's, How's, and Why's. His knowledge is based on over 30 years of recreational fishing, 20 years of tournament fishing, and is tempered by more than 10 years of instructing fishing in various formats. Drawing from his many years of fishing the southeast coast, he will often refer to your favorite waters with knowledge that can only have come from personal experience. Don't be afraid to ask questions--he welcomes them.


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