Rule Industries Issues SERVICE BULLETIN on

“F” and “FC” Series Livewell Aerator Pumps

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Owners are urged to close the seacock on their boats immediately to prevent a safety hazard

 August 26, 2002 -- As a matter of safety, Rule Industries is voluntarily issuing a SERVICE BULLETIN on the “F” and “FC” Series Rule Livewell Aerator pumps manufactured between January 1, 2001 and May 1, 2002.  The “F” and “FC” Series Livewell pumps are mounted to seacocks, typically in the bilge compartment, and are generally used to pump sea water into onboard livewell tanks that accommodate live bait.  This service bulletin is being issued because the screws used to fasten the base of the Livewell pump to the seacock adapter could dislodge.  The defective screws could allow unwanted water to flow continuously through an open seacock into the boat, potentially causing the boat to fill with water. 

 To safely operate affected boats before the defective screws are replaced, boat owners must close the seacock valve to the livewell on their boats.  This is accomplished by pushing the seacock lever all the way down so that the handle is parallel to the bottom of the boat.  The livewell is typically mounted aft and under the deck, and is easily accessed by removing the deck plate.

 Each pump is identified with a date code, stamped on the black wire approximately 6” from the grommet in the pump housing.  Pumps with date codes of 01A, 01B, 01C, 01D, 01E, 01F, 01G, 01H, 01I, 01J, 01K, 01L, 02A, 02B, 02C, and 02D must be serviced with replacement screws. 

The service can be completed at the boater's nearby marina, boatyard, or boat dealership by a marine technician.  Boat owners who wish to replace the screws themselves can receive detailed instructions with the replacement screws from Rule.

 Boat owners may call Rule Industries (978-281-0440) or their boat Dealer with questions and to arrange for free replacement screws for their pump.  Rule can also be contacted by mail at 1 Kondelin Road, Gloucester, MA  01930 or via fax 978-283-2619.

 This Service Bulletin supercedes the recall posting of 16 August. 


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