Hatteras Hobo Dinners

I was introduced to Hatteras hobos many years ago during a Hatteras Village king mackerel fishing tournament. After a long, stormy day of fishing, we were treated to spanish mackerel dripping in butter and sweet onions served in a foil pocket. Since then, I have treated others to this simple delight. Springtime fishing brings a nice bounty of spanish mackerel if you listen to Capt. Jerry and know where to fish. So when you get a mess of fish, try this easy recipe to gain the oohs and aahs of your company.

spanish mackerel filets

aluminum foil

salt and pepper

thinly sliced Vidalia onions

butter (the real stuff is BEST)

Place the filets individually on the dull side of a piece of aluminum foil. Salt and pepper to taste. Cover the top with thin slices of onion. One half to one whole tablespoon of butter on top. Wrap the foil around the filet in a pocket. Set on a hot gas grill or down in the coals of a charcoal grill for 15 minutes. Let cool for 5 minutes and unwrap carefully. Foil may be hot, so handle with mitts or with care. We don't want the fast food coffee thing to happen. This dish goes great with grilled asparagus and grilled new potatoes. As it heats up outside, cooking a whole meal on the grill keeps the house cool. Enjoy your Hatteras style spanish mackerel.



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