Make Mine Black

Blackened fish has fast become one of Jerry's favorites and certainly a breeze to cook. I have tried blackening mackerel, dolphin, African pompano, grouper, and striper just to name a few. Try this recipe out on your favorite fish. If you don't like it, try it on a different species.

This recipe is only for outdoor cooking as it produces intense smoke!!!!

Use a cast iron frying pan that will fit in a covered gas or charcoal grill. Coat the frying pan cooking surface with cooking spray and place it on the lit grill. The flame/fire of the grill needs to be on high or very hot. Close the lid and allow the cast iron pan to heat up for at least 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare your fish by dipping it in melted butter coating both sides. For a low fat version, you can use olive oil, but it doesn't yield the same flavor. Sprinkle the fish with your choice of blackening seasoning. My favorite is Chef Paul Prudhomme's Blackened Redfish Magic and it is available in the grocery store spice aisle.

Place fish in heated pan and cook on one side until a crust is formed, then turn over and cook on other side the same. It generally takes 8-12 minutes per side. Fish will flake as it normally does when done. It is now ready to eat.

The amount of blackening spices you use will determine the heat (spice heat) of this recipe. If you like it mild, then sprinkle moderately. If you like to sweat when you eat, sprinkle with wild abandon.

Nice sides for this recipe include Mahatma's Spicy Rice mix and a cool salad with plenty of Southern sweet tea.

Hope you enjoy!


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